Gabriele Vergari - Tailor made shirts

Our configurator offers numerous variations of individual components which can be on your shirt. We offer a large number of collars, cuffs, pockets and buttons that ensure you build a really exclusive shirt.

Our custom shirts are sewn from high quality materials from companies that have been engaged in the development of yarn for several decades. Take advantage of opportunities and build your own shirt tailored exactly to your figure.

Our online configurator for custom shirt contains

The price you can make special shirt for your own monogram or embroidered company logo.

  • Fabrics: You can choose with more than 140 high-quality materials
  • Embroidery: each shirt can be fitted embroidered, monogrammed logos
  • Cuts: offer 3 basic haircuts shirts
  • Sizes: shirt will be made according to your body size
  • Buttons choose from the entire color palette buttons
  • Contrasts: special in my shirt one of 10 possible contrasting sections
  • Collars: to choose from 35 variations collar
  • Sleeves to choose from 10 kinds of cuffs
  • Plackets: We have the widest range of leading a market share
  • Thread: Variable axles is contrasting thread